27 years ago, two twins with platinum blonde hair, beaming smiles and big, innocent eyes that could bend arms with just one look, were born into the world. The Olsen twins’ identical looks and confident, charming personalities took them from your average Californian children to worldwide Television stars at the tiny age of just nine months. They have been popular figures ever since, evolving from TV sweethearts to international fashion influencers. However, Mary Kate and Ashley have recently been shunned for having it all handed to them on a plate, to which they immediately snapped back as “an uneducated perspective”.


It seems there is a cloud of doubt with stars who have been successful for more reasons than the one that originally put them on the red carpet. Critics doubt their intelligence and ability because of their vault filling bank balances. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are very privileged and there is no doubt their piles of gold could take them anywhere, but the twins have vocally expressed that their success is not a product of the them resting on their laurels, and that is something we salute here at MSL.

At present, Mary Kate and Ashley are leaving a large footprint on the fashion industry. The New York Times declared Mary-Kate a fashion icon with her pioneering, signature “homeless” look, or otherwise known as bohemian-bourgeois to those with an intelligent fashion vocabulary. Oversized sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts make up the Olsen’s wardrobes, and probably most other girls style inspo boards. As a result of their naturally gifted sartorial eye, the twins now own three of their own brands, The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye. What’s more, their tasteful talent has been commended as Ashley has just been given a place in the board of Council of Fashion Designers of America. So realistically, you wouldn’t found and launch three clothing lines and be rewarded with credentials simply because you could and didn’t take a genuine interest in fashion would you?

Although it was short lived, the two of a kind duo both enrolled at college post-fame, which demonstrated their intentions and genuine desire to do more with their lives than what their fame gave them. Despite her recent bravado, Miley Cyrus talks sense when she said that she likes “the way Mary Kate and Ashley did it. They were bajillionaires from being these kid stars, and they decided that that wasn’t the future that they wanted. So they did fashion, and they kind of blended in at NYU”.

Olsen twins, we have always loved you, but now we love you even more!

By Marni Banks

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