Suzie Turner: Crave, Covet, Couture

Everyone wants a piece of fashion and stores like Topshop and H&M are happy to oblige with fast, throw away clothes. But if you want something truly fashion you have to aim higher, much higher. You have to aim for couture.

High street stores have made fashion accessible. Anyone from teenagers to pensioners have easy access to versions of the catwalk trends; even babies can now get in on the action thanks to stylish celeb tots like Harper Beckham and Suri Cruise. But there is something special about wearing a one-off piece, that’s why even in these cash strapped times, couture is still covetable.

Couturier Suzie Turner started her career working with a pattern cutter, aged 15, and developed a love for the craft whilst deconstructing antique couture garments. Now with over 20 years of design experience, Suzie creates one of a kind bespoke pieces for exclusive clients worldwide. Through a series of intimate appointments Suzie works closely with her clients to ensure that the finished item is unique, reflects the client’s personality and is undeniably the essence of couture.

As her latest designs are showcased this week we get a rare glimpse of the exquisite care and detail that goes into her creations. Dresses become works of art in gentle colours and muted hues. Silk fabrics add to the luxurious tone with structured corsets under French lace creating hourglass silhouettes.

Feathers feature heavily in the collection and add to the sumptuous feel, if you have ever dreamed of flying, you almost feel you could in these gowns. Even the ready to wear collection is treated with the same reverence, with made-to-measure commissions and attention to detail.

The vast majority of us will never come within sniffing distance of a couture gown, so let’s just appreciate them for what they are; exquisite craftsmanship that culminates in a breath-taking work of art.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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