Here at MSL Mariko has got us wishing we were on holiday with Thursday’s style diary entry; looking tropical in blue and green (photographed in London, in the botanical gardens at the Barbican, can you believe!). Mariko has executed an outfit that could be suitable for many summer occasions. The dress features a contrast colour blocking pleated skirt and structured lace top that will suit most figures. Dramatic accessories including the python clutch covered in gemstones and pearls, red nails and colourful heels exaggerate the exotic feel of the look.


Three Floor City Lights Dress / Tanah Rhea Quo Python Yellow Clutch / Maud Traon Dangly Spiky Earrings / Maud Traon Spiky Ring  / Termite Eyewear Full Base Cream with Violet Lens / Miu Miu Sandals


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