Team Semple are taking it in turns to celebrate our style crushes and this week it’s my turn. Ashley Olsen, one half of the Olsen twins, actress turned fashion designer and monochrome goddess, is my ultimate style crush.

These are just a few of the reason why I love Ashley and her enviable wardrobe…

  • She pulls off androgynous chic perfectly, while still looking breathtakingly beautiful.
  • She makes black and white look far from boring.
  • She is the queen of simple yet sharp dressing; amping up her look with carefully chosen accessories.
  • She dresses for herself rather than the opposite sex and I love that about her.
  • She has a true passion and appreciation for design and it shows in her clothing choices.
  • She is a risk taker.
  • She isn’t afraid to look to the past – And more importantly the future.
  • Her laid back casual looks remain chic and classic.
  • Textures and lines complete her look and add a subtle sartorial interest

So in order to celebrate and enjoy Ashley Olsen’s impeccable style we have put together this photo set complete with some of my favourite Ashley looks.


Sophie Maguire


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