It’s Friday and this means drinks with your girlfriends or dinner with a handsome date are just behind the 6 o clock mark, there to help you rewind after a week in the office. Today, Stephanie’s outfit demonstrates the perfect way to look smart and chic at work and glamorous and definitive for night, without having to make any drastic transformations. Once again, she stays true to fuchsia pink, a colour that she is so comfortable wearing, confidence and beauty naturally glows from within her. Remember to take note of the temperatures, and so a fur shawl, like Stephanie’s mint green one, draped over the shoulders is a polished way to look fierce and feel warm.

Stephanie has taught us all this week not to be afraid of vibrancy, and that perhaps the best way to get cosy with colours is to pick one, and discover the different ways you can wear it. The possibilities are endless so if you do one thing this weekend, stay clear of the loyal little black dress for once and chose something more daring, chromatic and fun.

Happy Friday!

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