Edit Issue IV

There is one thing that I am sure about and it is that everyone likes to receive and give presents. A gift that is chosen with thought and given with confidence is usually one that is most treasured. We believe that the best gift comes in small packages and is one that keeps on giving. With this in mind Edit IV is themed ‘The Art of Gifting’. You’ll read how the Semple Gift Experience has delighted so many women and their friends and partners. Rahima, our bride on the front cover, and her best friend Clare tell us of how their vision became a reality; two sisters gift their mum a bespoke dress; and a few clients tell their stories of how a miniature dress became one that fitted them.

At Semple, we say that we make women happy but you will read that we also make families and friends happy too.

I hope that you will enjoy each story and I look forward to hearing from you.

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