Issue X

Stand still for too long and you begin to forget. You forget who you are, you forget where you’ve been, and most importantly you forget where you’re going; slowly becoming stagnant as your mind reiterates the familiar. There is change in the air at Semple as we prepare to enter the next stage of our development and in order to grow we must evolve, taking the nostalgic chapters from our past and using them to write our future.

Issue ten of Semple magazine is a celebration of all that has passed, and a foretaste of what’s to come. Charting the highlights and successes of issues past (pg6) and paying overdue homage to the people behind the scenes that have helped us every step of the way (pg22,44). Taking a closer look at how women have, and continue to be, the storytellers of our time (pg18) and indulging in historical style through our pictorial landscape (pg28).

Bill Hicks once claimed that we are the facilitators of our own creative evolution; so lets make it something worth remembering…

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