I am in Singapore as I write this blog and find myself comparing aspects of life in the UK and Asia. On TV I watch the impact of cold weather in the UK and contast this with the sweltering 31 degrees heat here; I walk down the main high street that has more shops underground than above ground and think of the range of shopping malls in London; and to my amazement, I find that Behind the Seams has received positive interest from the Asia Pacific region. Thank you to our website visitors and bloggers from Japan, China. Australia and Singapore.

Another observation is the way that much of life in Singapore revolves around food. When I return to London I will remember the delicious sea-food in the open air with the dark, calm sea gently washing the harbour walls and the hundreds of people sitting together talking quietly.

While here I have been tweeting and some of you will have seen my photo of how Singaporeans celebrate the end of Chinese New Year. I was in a restaurant where the waiter prepared and then we took part in the traditional tossing of a raw fish salad or ‘lo hei’. With each ingredient such as oil, white fish and carrots our waiter wished us long, happy and prosperous lives.

It seems to me that Behind the Seams is reaching women from all over the world. To find women who have an item of clothing that they love and to receive a booklet about her garment as a gift is truly an act of love and friendship. I am off to Jakarta and Baku soon. Let’s see if Behind the Seams gets there before I do.

Maggie Semple

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