Semple Secrets are always hosted with the intention of inspiring our audience as we listen to the remarkable stories our special guests have to share. But nobody could have predicted the energy and zeal that exuded from Julie Deane and filled the room as we all sat tight and listened to her story.

On the 20th June, the sun was on our side and shone through the MSL windows as we welcomed Julie and guests to our mews house in Covent Garden. Upon arrival, it was great to present to everyone the amazing cake made by Talia Maguire, a close family member to one of the MSL team, and her baking business, Live and Let Bake. Eyes lit up as we celebrated our very own edible version of a baby pink Cambridge Satchel! Kick starting the conversation, we learnt that Julie is a lover of baking herself, especially after following the Great British Bake Off hype.

As Maggie spoke with Julie, our awe of her entrepreneurialism, dedication and passion for bringing colour and meaning to a fashion accessory grew and grew. It was so refreshing to hear a woman speak so genuinely and modestly, almost unaware of how phenomenal hers and The Cambridge Satchel Company’s story is.

Julie’s treasured item of clothing was her formal gown from her time spent at Cambridge University. The gown took Julie back to her days at the University and symbolised her self-proclaimed inner “geek”. Making us all laugh with her maths and science jokes, we took a real likening to Julie’s other interests in life that still inspire her in so many different ways today.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us at the event, it was so great to hear everyone’s individual stories and meet some faces we hope to become familiar with. Our next Semple Secrets event is just around the corner and will be hosted with best-selling Author Adele Parks at the Ivy Club – an exclusive event not to miss. You can buy your tickets here. We look forward to seeing you there.

By Marni Banks



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