The beach look is a tricky one to accomplish without spending a day by the sea, where the sand and your sun lotion mixes into a beautiful paste and your arms and legs itch from all the sea salt. As much as it’s a desired, free-living, hippie type look, for those of us who prefer to feel clean and fresh, it’s not the most practical. But beach hair is a reoccurring trend that comes by year after year, and no matter how much you try to avoid the 4 page spreads in all our favourite top glossies, it’s inevitable that one morning you will give the look a go. So what exactly are the reasons why beach hair has revolutionised our summers?


Wavy locks tell the world you’re style is effortless, and when you’re not turning heads, you’re a full time beach goddess. It’s messy yet feminine, and can take you from the sand dunes to the beach hut bar. This look will never fail you. She who has beautiful bouncy beach hair is instantly cool and chic. So, the next question is of course, how to get the look.

Spray a little, and by little we mean be sensibly little amount onto damp hair. Less is more, especially for those of you who already have super thick hair. Cup the ends of your hair in your hand and scrunch up to your roots. Then either let it dry naturally or use a diffuser to finish the look. Alternatively, if you’re only prepared to season your food with salt, simply plait wet hair in sections and sleep on it overnight. Then in the morning, let the plaits loose and shake your hair like you’re worth it.

But be careful. Amongst all it’s advantages, too much salt in the hair can cause more damage than it’s worth. Just like too much exposure to the sun without any form of protection, high levels of salt can cause the hair to become dehydrated and limp, leading to a brittle texture and those deadly split ends. Wash and condition your hair after you’ve donned the hairstyle for the day to prevent these mishaps and gently brush through with a comb to get rid of knots and tangles.

So there you have it. Life’s a beach and with this recipe for summer hair, you’ll be trending high tide!

By Marni Banks

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