The first image which comes to mind when I think about the integration of chocolate and fashion is a vision of French TV presenter Karine Ferri trying desperately to stop her chocolate skirt from disintegrating on the catwalk. While most models only have to deal with the odd stumble or tight fitting ensemble, which is impossible to walk in, they do not tend to have to worry about their clothes crumbling before their eyes.

However, it was Karine Ferri’s misfortune in the headlines in 2011 which caught my attention to the Salon Du Chocolat, the world premiere festival for the world of chocolate lovers. Even though I am an avid devotee of the cocoa bean, if there is one thing I appreciate more, it is fashion, which is why I am so fond of this annual event, particularly the ‘Chocolate Trends Fashion Show’.

The Salon Du Chocolate invented the unique idea of combining the finest fashion designers with the most talented chocolatiers to create couture masterpieces. These are then paraded down the catwalk on the opening night of the event by some of their nations household TV and film names. By combining these two worlds, you appreciate and understand the technical difficulties involved in making both chocolate and clothing but also how alike they are. Both require a strong vision for shape, texture and quality, both require an eye for detail and both Chocolatiers and designers strive for excellence, to be well known in their fields and to keep pushing their creative boundaries to the limit. Additionally, while economically many industries have struggled to break even let alone flourish, the chocolate and the fashion industries continue to thrive, with the chocolate industry growing an average of 8% a year.

However, while the chocolate exhibition travels to Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Zurich and Cairo enticing its nations with the finest chocolate and the most elaborate fashion, there is one notable city missing from its list. The absence of London being part of this spectacle surprised me, especially when you look at our connections to both of these worlds. Voted Fashion Capital of the World for the second year in a row, birthplace of Roald Dahl, creator of  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and renowned favourite, Dairy Milk. This is why the UK should be involved in this event, as it would enable us to showcase our designer and culinary talents while allowing the whole of Britain to immerse themselves in two of the greatest industries the world has to offer.

By Hattie Lee

If you do want to experience both fashion and chocolate and are in London on Monday 25th March, do not miss our Semple Secret event with Chantal Coady Founder of Rococo Chocolates.  

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