Located just off the hustle and bustle of Regents Street, down a quiet, cobbled path lies a new American steak. Located in only 5 countries around the world, MASH steak house is an eatery we are more than lucky to have on our doorstep. Admittedly, when we first arranged our visit to MASH, I didn’t really know what I was expecting. I suppose the name MASH had me looking forward to another steak restaurant not too dissimilar from other chains, such as Gaucho and Goodmans. I was expecting a diner-like layout with vintage images of old cattle farmers, a strong menu of steak cuts and of course, huge portions of their signature mash potato. What we in fact experienced was one of the most pleasant dining experiences I have ever had in London. The name MASH doesn’t do the restaurant justice for the 1920s experience you are about to encounter.


The whole experience had an element of theatre and history to it. As you enter you walk down a twirling staircase, past a wall length photo of an old theatre filled with roaring gentlemen and into an elegant bar and restaurant with dimmed deep-red lighting making you feel as if you have just walked into a scene of The Great Gatsby. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the evening that lay ahead of us.

After a welcoming cocktail at the bar, which immediately makes you feel like an important guest, we were stunned to see huge glass fridges just before the dining area filled with the different cuts of meat offered on the menu. We were talked through each of the cuts and recommended the best way to have it cooked for each one. MASH isn’t just a steak house; it is an experience; a showcase of knowledge, history and a true chef’s skill; a journey from the finest cuts to one very happy diner.


Our menu experience looked a little bit like this, but I’ll let the pictures do most the talking. To start, we shared scallops with mango and a tuna tartar with avocado. Then we had our mains, and both chose the daintiest looking cuts as we knew we needed to make sure we had room to finish our plates – after all, this wasn’t an experience to go half-hearted on. We tasted the fillet and sirloin steak from their Uruguay collection accompanied by MASH’s best red wine, which is made especially for them. How could we refuse a taste? Oh and of course, their signature mashed potato, which was unworldly. Then for dessert we sampled the best-selling cheesecake and a deconstructed chocolate cake, but despite these being beyond delectable, we could only manage a couple of bites each. Not only is this place well worth a visit, but you can be sure you won’t leave hungry. And even as I write this, I will admit I am still feeling full and have only managed a cup of green tea today.


MASH first opened in 2009 in Copenhagan after several months of researching for the right types and qualities of meat, the best location and the perfect design of the venue. This attention to the fine details and high standard of quality throughout has definitely trickled down to their London location. If you fancy fine dining, this is your place.

By Marni Banks

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