Rebecca Aspin loves weddings so much that three years ago after the biggest day of her life; her own wedding; she decided it was time to share the love and start-up be own internet business. Sell My Wedding is the go-to site for brides looking for inspiration and the perfect place to find vintage garments for your big day. Here at MSL we love the idea of up-cycling and re-using old garments. While parting with your wedding dress may not be for everybody, Sell My Wedding offers your dress and other wedding garb a home and a new lease of life. We think it is such a lovely idea that something that was once a part of your wedding is out there in the world helping to shape another’s big day. Will your dress be the star of someone else’s love story to?

What lead you to start Sell My Wedding?

As a newlywed myself I was looking for a way to share all the beautiful items and fabulous finds from my wedding with another bride. Three years on, many of the items from my wedding were still in bags and boxes. It seemed such a shame and waste to banish such beautiful items to the loft, never to be used again. On investigation, I couldn’t find a UK website that specialised in selling second hand wedding items. Although there were websites for selling second hand wedding dresses, there was nothing out there where you could sell everything to do with your big day.

What is it you love about weddings?

I love everything about weddings. Every wedding that I have been to over the years has been uniquely different reflecting the personality of the couple who are getting married. I love the planning and anticipation of a wedding, from the invitation, which sets the scene, to watching the bride walk down the aisle and seeing the reaction of the groom. The traditions; from flowers and favours to speeches and superstitious brides who still insist on wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue. I equally love twists on these traditions; from cakes made of cheese to bouquets of sweets, from brides and best women making the speeches, to a coordinated group dance number as the first dance. It is these twists that make each wedding unique to the individual couple, setting each wedding apart from the next.

What is a typical day for you?
A very un glamorous public sector press officer by day, I dream of one day making a living from Sell My Wedding so that I can immerse myself in weddings all day long as well as spending more time at home with my little boy.

What is your most treasured piece of clothing/accessory?
My trademark look is a ‘pretty’ dress – both designer and charity shop finds. I love how dresses make me feel – both pretty and feminine – and also the practicality of a dress, as you don’t need to think about what goes with it you can just throw it on and look fabulous and put together (very handy when getting yourself and a toddler ready in the morning). Worn with boots, sandals, tights, converse – dresses look great with anything. I have a wardrobe full of dresses and wear them both for work and play. My latest buy was a navy and white polka dot dress from Whistles (£130), whilst I also couldn’t resist a black silk tea dress, that I found hiding amongst the rails British Heart Foundation, a bargain at £8.

I equally love hats and fascinators, which probably stems from my obsession with weddings.

What is the story behind your treasured piece and how do you feel when you wear it?
I think my favourite item has to be a vintage black feathered hairpiece with a birdcage veil that I bought from ebay for £5. I have worn it to numerous weddings and events, simply customising it with different embellishments and feathers depending on the colour of my dress. I love the birdcage veil which can be worn across the face or over the hair, it makes me feel glamorous and chic. I love thinking about the women that would have worn this before me, and the fabulous occasions that they would have worn it to.

Give us a top fashion/wedding tip!
Ladies please, it’s a wedding, wear a hat or fascinator. Make your outfit worthy of the occasion, it will also make you feel fabulous!

Is there one piece of advice you would give your younger self?
Don’t spend time worrying so much!

Who are you when no-one is watching?
A musical theatre superstar!

Maggie Semple also provides a bespoke feature ‘Behind the Seams’ which is a personalised gift service that provides a contextual account of a specific garment with details about the time of production, information about fabrics, cut, style, the designers and the inspiration, and any other information our dedicated team of fashion specialists discover along the way. The Behind the Seams booklet is beautifully illustrated with exquisite pictures that really bring the story to life. We would like to know what you think about this, perhaps as a wedding gift for the bride, featuring her dress?

This would make such a thoughtful and unique wedding gift, particularly for those brides who have recycled fabric or elements from their grandmother’s or mother’s dress.

Sell My wedding

Sophie Maguire

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