Stereotypically, women collect handbags and men collect cars and when it comes to fashion, automotive technologies and the racing track might be the last things that pop into your head. But if you notch your research up a gear, you will see the track side was in fact a canvas for glamorous women to show off their wardrobes and wave designer scarves at their racing husbands as they crossed the finishing line. It was during the Christmas holidays when I found myself watching a BBC programme called ‘Racing Legends’ which explored the famous men behind the wheel and delved into their dangerous careers as drivers. In doing so, the show also picked up on their family life and it was through this aspect you learnt how strong the sartorial eye of a racing wife was.


Cheering on from inside the pit stop, waiting to be greeted by her first place, medal winning husband, the racing wife and the large bottle of champagne was definitely an incentive to race home for. James Hunt was a British racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1976. Known for being a bit of a ladies man, his wife, Suzy Miller was a model and fashionable formula girl. Framing her face with statement sunglasses and teaming them with a hippie headscarf, she looks both fanciful and sporty at the same time.


James Hunt and stylish Suzy Miller portrayed in the 2013 film, Rush 

The same goes for Sir Jackie Stewart’s childhood sweetheart, Helen – a loving wife, devoted mother and racetrack goddess. Helen donned the pretty and pristine look of the 60s with high waisted flairs, sleek straight hair that flicked at the ends and heavy hung pendant necklaces. Her bohemian looks were enough to detract from her legendary racing husband’s winning trophies, and deserved her a place next to him the celebratory podium.


You don’t just have to look through autobiographies and nostalgic programmes like the BBC’s to spot these racing wives. Singer, dancer and X factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is dating British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Buttons girlfriend, Jessica Michibata is a full time model, which includes modeling the McLaren race wear as she supports Jenson through his driving career.

Jenson Button, Jessica Michibata

So if you find yourself in a room full of roaring men as they watch the Grand Prix unfold, don’t turn away straight away.

By Marni Banks

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