Fashion Statement: Phoebe’s English

Hundreds of different shapes and colours fought to fill the pages of glossy fashion magazines this Fashion Week, but not all of them succeed in their mission. Shocking, but back to basics, Phoebe English, last year’s A/W Merit Award did a great job of standing out of the crowd with a impressive memoriable show.

The use of contrasted dark and pale tones and textured layers showed the clothes foundations and defined a collection that was both creative and wearable at the same time. Leather, blonde and cotton mixed with acrylic pieces; shades of blue, black and nude were combined with gauze headpieces or visors and tired leather fringed formed on shoes.

A basic cut showed an elegant aesthetic controversially full of meaning, like all Phoebe’s collections, that go beyond clothes, making a statement. The use of visors, covering model’s eyes, reminded me to the past collection, where she used metal pieces covering model’s mouth; a touch that defined her identity but also a sign to explore the inner world of women without the senses, exploring a blind and mute world.

By Laura Roig Vericat

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