It is not all that easy to find cutting edge pieces by designers fresh off the back of their degree shows, particularly those that are encouraged to break free of market led restraints and remain true to their original identities. Perry Nelvill is an online boutique that offers access to this kind of completely unique design to a worldwide audience, with an already impressive portfolio of designers on its books and a keen eye on the next wave of graduates to add to its eclectic mix.

Founded by Central St. Martins graduate Lorna Carvill, the concept of Perry Nelvill is that everyone should be able to view and go on to purchase the work of new fashion and textile designers, without the restraints of potential marketability. Perry Nelvill celebrates individuality and uniqueness and the designers taken on board are actively encouraged to be bold and brave in their designs whilst being supported throughout the transition from art school to professional designer. The boutique offers a wide variety of collections across menswear, womenswear, textile and interior design and each designer debuts a handmade collection submitted with no creative restraints or specific criteria, offering customers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. It is this confidence in the designers’ unique creative identities that allows Perry Nelvill to offer such a diverse and eclectic range of products that is not so freely available on the international commercial designer market.

Whilst it was tough to choose; I’d like to give you just a taste of the kind of unique designer offering that you can expect to find at Perry Nelvill:

Anna Wooster

Anna Wooster is a Contemporary Textile Practice graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University, working as an interior textile and surface pattern designer. Her collection for Perry Nelvill is entitled Crème Anglais and comprises surface pattern designs printed on linens and wallpapers for interiors. It is described as ‘an aesthetic depiction of the contrast between wealth and poverty within English urban environments’. The striking Bristol Stripe is one of Anna’s surface patterns and layers contrasting industrial buildings and delicate plant motifs in red on a cream background, perfect for a feature wall or perhaps a fireplace central to the design of an interior space. It is certainly a beautiful point of difference from the mass produced rolls of huge green, pink and blue blooms.

Moran Yi

Moran Yi is a Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles graduate from the London College of Fashion whose work focuses on sustainability and eco-textiles; a concept still largely under-represented in the commercial market. Moran uses excellent technical skills to blend abandoned materials and traditional materials such as wool and hair in her collection entitled ‘A Beautiful Monster Fantasy’; a collection which explores the idea “Are monsters our alter ego?” The colours are reminiscent of forest fantasy, creams, browns and greens, and make me think of fairies, pixies and magic. It is this mix of fantasy in the design and sustainability in production that allows a sense of responsible escapism through the pieces, something so rare and invaluable.

There are currently over 40 designers offering their collections at Perry Nelvill and this number is set to continue to grow as the boutique invites more graduates to produce collections off the back of their degree shows. It is fantastic that Perry Nelvill is providing such a valuable platform for these emerging designers to enter the international market whilst maintaining the creative identities that sets them apart from many of the established fashion houses.

By Louise Hayward

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