Getting your hair stuck in car doors, coat zips and under your boyfriends arms mid-hug are some of the most annoying, infuriating pains there are in life. For those of you with short hair who don’t quite know what I mean, it’s like stubbing your toe – it’s not a big deal and you wont be left bruised but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that it hurts so much all you can do is try to silence your scream. Well, the answer to this hair dilemma can be found over 5000 years ago, to a hairstyle that has lasted all these years and is set to be one of the biggest hair trends this summer.

The faithful plait is a great way to pull your hair from your face, and secure it back in a feminine, almost enchanting way that will forever evoke images of our ancient history and of course, our favourite drama series, Game of Thrones. The history of the braid shows its many different uses, so it’s no wonder it remains a popular style today. In 3500 BC Africa, hair braiding was a social event among woman, and many elaborate styles of African braiding were often taught and passed down through generations. Giving birth to the infamous cornrow, these plaits helped to express the identity of its wearer: kinship, status, age, religion, and ethnicity. In renaissance Europe, French braiding was styled to keep the hair as clean as possible, especially when the opportunity to bathe was non existent. Egyptians incorporated beading into their braids, making them more elaborate, decadent and symbolic of wealth. Queen Meryet-Amun, a very wealthy Egyptian woman of her time, was even buried with extra braids by her side to keep her status strong.

Today, the most complex of braids are a sign of a woman who knows how to handle hair. Whether it’s been done by a stylist, or a crafty DIY job, a perfect plait will always be a conversation starter. It’s one of those versatile styles that can be pulled off by anyone, no matter their face shape, and when let loose, leaves you with faultless tousled curls. So enough of the talking, here’s some of our favourite braided looks we will be rocking this summer.

By Marni Banks

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