We are now into the second day of LFW and that means we’re fast approaching the half way mark of fashion month! Now I, along with many more, I’m sure have just one question, where the hell is Cara? She has been noticeably missing from the New York runways, all made more evident by the sheer amount of shows she walked in last season. The question on everybody’s lips is, are we finally over Cara Delevingne?

There was a time, before she became the worlds newest supermodel, when I was so eager to see what she was about that I’d have to YouTube catwalks, photo shoots and interviews with the model just to get a glimpse! It was safe to say I had a new girl crush. That, however was very short lived, as she soon became the overnight sensation she is (or is she?) today. Not a day goes by where I don’t see a picture of her (albeit very beautiful) mug! Am I the only one glad of the absence?

We’ve seen all the supers hanging in New York this week, Karlie, Jourdan, Coco, hell, even Naomi Campbell was there, and Cara’s BFF Rita Ora replaced her as the face of DKNY.

She was spotted last week in London filming for her new movie and last night she attended Rihanna’s River Island launch in the capital so it’s pretty safe to say that come Friday she’s going to be everywhere again. But the questions remain, is she over it? Are we over it? Only time (and Fashion Week) will tell!

By Natalie Miller

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