We all know Marilyn as the blonde bombshell and biggest sex icon of the 50s who had a troublesome time battling things such as drug addiction, which unfortunately took her life in 1962. But why has her legacy still not been forgotten? And why is it that she lives on in so many peoples style?


I think it’s safe to say the women and girls of today still face huge body issues of being too fat, too thin, not having big enough boobs, being too tall, too short. The list goes on and on. However Marilyn Monroe is always one of those motivational pictures with a quote about being yourself, and not worrying about being a size 0, that always pops up on your Facebook news feed. Which is ironic seeing as she had a lot of plastic surgery in her time? But regardless of this we still look up to her bootylicious physique and dream to one day be as confident with our bodies as she seemed.

On top of all this she was a total style icon and for me she still is. The 50’s itself was a great era for fashion but there was always something about Marilyn that made it so much more. Her signature red lip is still a statement we never go a day without seeing – it’s timeless. To achieve this look its best to use a red lip pencil first to ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed and to also make sure that you get the lip shape you want. The simple eyeliner flick is still famous today and is normally my every day look. If you have big, wide set eyes like I do, then a thin line across the whole of the eyelid is best suited. If you have smaller, almond shape eyes it is best to just apply liner to the outer corners of the lid to open up your eyes. Marilyn’s lashes were always extenuated by cleverly shading underneath her eye to make it look like her lashes were so long, they were creating a shadow. You can also draw on a sneaky beauty mark if you want to really make Marilyn proud!


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Her platinum blonde hair was the thing we knew her best for, always styled and mostly set with rollers, she always looked flawless. If you want to achieve this look you can buy rollers and apply heat with a hairdryer once they’re in, then leave them to cool for around half an hour. Or by using curling tongs or straighteners to curl the hair, and then use your fingers to pin curl them. Also leave those to cool for around half an hour. Alternatively you can leave the pin curl in at the front section of your hair to achieve a real 50’s look.Drew dons the blonde do that has become synonymous with Marilyn

She always wore clothes that flattered her figure and was always so glamorous with everything she did, and glamour is something a girl should never be without! And what else did Marilyn love? Diamonds! Another thing a girl can never have too much of.

And I can confirm that the rumours are true. Blondes do have more fun!

By Connie O’Neill

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