Last week I brought you the news that Marc Jacobs was leaving Louis Vuitton and this week I bring to you the news that Louis is in fact, leaving Marc. Confused? Let me clear that up for you. The latter Louis does not refer to the famous Vuitton but to Harry Louis, MJ’s long-term lover. He broke the news (hopefully not to Marc) via Instagram by sharing this picture…

Ouch! What a modern day world we are living in.

Louis seemed caring but not upset when telling his fans, by captioning “me and Marc have decided not carry on with our relationship as boyfriends…The distance and lack of time because of work schedules aren’t really something realistic, and he’s such a beautiful and amazing person, that I think he deserves a bf who will stay at least in one of the cities that he leaves in. Also, I need that too…” He then went on to say, ” So, for those who were always supportive of us, please don’t be sad, live goes on, to all of us… And for those who were praying that this day were coming, there you have… Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis aren’t officially a couple anymore!!!!” Aside from anything else, I think it’s safe to say he’s won the longest grammatically incorrect caption on Instagram ever award!

What this means for Marc Jacobs, only time (and the AW14 show in February) will tell, but I’m hoping he goes down the post-break up romantic route rather than the ‘I’ve been dumped bad-ass rebellion’ one.

By Natalie Miller

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