You may have seen the video that has recently gone viral popping up all over your social media profiles and for once it’s a viral video with an actual message – a message about love, all kinds of love. When people talk about love most people imagine the love they are accustomed to; how could we not? We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, feature films and songs about heterosexual couples. But recently we have started to see more positive and inclusive representations of love.



This love doesn’t always have to be about two souls finding each other; it can be friendship, family and neighbourly. The Love Has No Labels campaign explores just that. Their hard hitting video showing multiple couples including siblings, family and friends as well as homosexual and interracial couples shows that love is love – it is not bound by gender, ability, race or age. Our amazing capacity to love is the upmost thing that makes us human.


Although it seems crazy to me that it takes a viral video such as this one to open up people’s eyes and minds to the endless possibilities of love, I cannot deny that it is extremely important. In this day and age this issue should no longer be a problem, yet we are constantly reminded that it is. Every time someone is misgendered, ridiculed or isolated from their family, their friends and their society we are telling them their love is wrong. But ask yourself, how can any type of love be wrong?


I’m not blind to the fact that some people will never accept all kinds of love and to be honest I only pity them. But for the rest of us, that love who we love regardless, we are the change this world needs and wants so desperately. So love proudly, love boldly and without labels. Follow the movement here.

By Talia Maguire

About the author

Talia has a keen interest in all aspects of media; you’ll find her writing about anything from feminist issues, alternative fashion trends and the hottest films and television programmes of our time. She’s our resident vegetarian who isn’t scared to take a bite out of trending topics and get to the bones of it all. Talia loves photography, caffeine and baking, but you’ll also find her on our Semple Magazine photoshoots filming behind the scenes. And if you’re ever in need of a funny viral video to get you through your working week, she’s your girl!

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