Galería Loewe

In the heart of Barcelona, located in one of the most iconic streets of the city, we found “Galería Loewe”, a space to explore the brand’s universe: history and tradition told through multimedia art installations and interactive experiences that awaken the senses.

Curated in an exquisite way, each level focuses on a different aspect of Loewe’s 166 years of artisanal expertise. Unique pieces caught in contemporary graphics, textures and materials of the Spanish landscape, inspire the interior detail.

Amazona, the brand’s iconic bag that was created in 1975 as part of the “Ante Oro Collection” and has become an international symbol ever since, is one of the key pieces featured in this exhibition. We can appreciate different editions of this unique design while delving into the brand’s history and expertise.

Walking into the exhibition we find a hologram showcasing the techniques used for the preparation of this iconic bag, which has more than 65 parts, most of them handmade. It requires many hours of craftsmanship to assemble a Amazona bag and the attention to detail is the brand’s signature.

A selection of the utensils, inherited from father to son, along with the artisan know-how necessary to use them, showcases the brand’s tradition of artisanal savoir-faire.

The Loewe scarves inspired by Spanish culture are also an importance piece that gives a colourful note to the exhibition.

One of the most interesting things I found, is the link to the local culture. An installation of the Amazona bag that pays tribute to Antoni Gaudí, a genius of Spanish architecture, it is just one of the examples, as well as a live structure made of pieces of organza caught in flight by a whirl of air, that represents the flamenco dancers in such an elegant way.

If you visit Barcelona this summer, stop in the Passeig de Gracia street to admire the Loewe allure, one of the best memories that you can get from this fashionable city of today.

Laura Roig Vericat

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