Hopefully by now you will already be planning to spoil your mum rotten this Mother’s day; yes, we should appreciate them throughout the year but it is a good opportunity to reflect on how much our mum’s do for us and the huge impact they have on who we eventually become. Whether you are a toddler, a teenager or a fully grown woman, your mum never stops being a significant influence on your life.

My sister and I have always had a great relationship with our mum and whilst it may have changed over time now we are all “grown-ups”, the bonds remain the same. My mum has influenced my life in many ways, big and small but she has had a particular influence on my style.

My mum has always enjoyed clothes and shopping and this is evident as you look back through family albums. Her strong sense of style and knowledge of what suits her height and shaped have never left her; she never follows a trend for the sake of it and has always given me her honest opinion when I have been tempted into purchases purely for fashion.

From wide brim hats, mini shift dresses and wide leg trousers my mum’s look has always erred towards a 70s hippie style and this is definitely something I tried to emulate during my teens. Many trends of the decades are evident as I flick back though the photos and my one gripe is that Mum hasn’t kept enough of her clothes throughout the years. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve spotted an item when out shopping, only for mum to declare she use to have something just like it!

I have picked up hundreds of tips from numerous shopping trips with my mum but here is a few of the keys lessons that have stayed with me:

1.  Never go to an event without painting your nails, always in a matching or complimenting colour.

2. You can never have too much jewellery.

3. Don’t narrow your options unnecessarily. Why label yourself as a shoe/bag/jewellery girl when you could be all three?

4. A new dress almost definitely means new shoes and a new bag.

5. Never tell lies but sometimes a half truth is okay; Feeling guilty about a purchase? Buy now but don’t wear in front of your loved one for a good few months.  That way when they ask if it is new you can honestly and confidently say you have had it for ages!


A quote from a recent shopping trip with my mum quite clearly sums up the influence she has had on me (and my bank balance);

Me: Mum which do you prefer this skirt or this dress?

Mum: I like them both. I think you should just get both.

Now, what kind of daughter would I be if I ignored my mum’s advice?

I asked my fellow Semple Girls what influence their Mum has had on their style:

Marni Banks

When I was growing up, Mum had the ability to team almost anything with jeans. Now that mum jeans are back in fashion, she showed me baggy fits can also be very complimentary.

I would describe my mums style as free-living chic. She had really strong hippie vibes when she was my age, with long curly locks, flared jeans and woven crop tops! She even had a vw to go with it! But now her style is more refined – she dresses really well for her age, I’ll give her that!

I’ve taken after her love for jeans and loose fit cuts, but I guess the age difference means we will never be seen in the same thing and that’s definitely a good thing!

We have similar taste in the sense that we like the same clothes but wouldn’t necessarily wear them. Mum always says I dress like she did at my age and I’d love to dress like her when I’m a mum.

Yes we share, I have a few of her rings and always go to her wardrobe when I’m looking for something vintage to team with high waisted jeans.

I treasures the infamous blue jumper…my blog post says it all.


My mum has influenced my style because she is not afraid to look different.

When my mum was my age her style was very casual but a little quirky, she lived by the beach so it was laid back shorts and t shirts. Now, she layers everything everyday. She is always in colourful clothes with different textures and patterns.

My style is different because i wear simple shapes and colours and not a lot of pattern however we are similar in the sense that we both dress casually and laid back and we both wear a lot of jewellery.

Our taste in clothes is different because she always goes for colour.

We share knitwear a lot and my mum has given me jewellery passed down to her that I treasure greatly.


Happy mother’s day everyone, make sure you spoil your mum!

By Samantha Vandersteen

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