Here at MSL we love the fact that our constant quest for fashion stories gives us the opportunity to reach women from all corners of the globe. Discovering stories about their lives and personal love affairs with fashion is what drives us to continue relaying their stories to the world. This week we have had the pleasure of interviewing Catalan fashion blogger Judit. Our ‘Your Story’ blog posts have seen us meeting women from everywhere from LA to Croatia and now we have reached Barcelona in our pursuit of fashion tales.

Judit loves accessories, especially necklaces,” I have thousands of them” and as with clothing, Judit believes a woman’s choice of necklace can say a lot about them. She dreams of one day traveling the world collecting necklaces as she goes, “the materials of which each necklace they are made is so different that you could guess where they come from” she explains animatedly. Perhaps it would seem that Judit has unearthed that Necklaces, just like our clothes, hold precious stories too.

It is no surprise then that when we asked to talk about one of her greatest achievements Judit gushes about a clutch bag entitled Summer Time which she designed for a project on her course while studying fashion design at Llotja. The knitted corn flour blue clutch features a wooden handle and clasp and vintage button embellishment. There is subtle silver thread that runs through the stitching that you can imagine catches the sunlight on a summer’s day, casting off dancing jewelled beams of glistening light, evoking memories of the beach. The perfect holiday clutch, this bag could be worn day and night as a chic accessory to your summer wardrobe and it is hard to believe that this beautifully crafted bag is the product of a student project; this is one pastel bag wouldn’t be out of place on the S/S catwalks.

While she has an undisputed passion for accessories Judit’s treasured item is a pair of vintage leather shorts he found while in Amsterdam, “My manager from the PR agency I was working for at the time invited me to go to a fashion show at International Fashion Week. I didn’t have a lot of clothes there, so I went with a friend to find something to wear, something chic and fashionable. I was in the right city to find a treasure, as you know in Amsterdam you can find the best vintage shops. That night was amazing I was looking very nice and chic.”

The aspiring designers advice to anyone hoping to carve out a career in fashion is to stay “open minded, do not follow only one style and listen to experienced people, they are the ones that can give the best advice.” Judit’s motto in life is “Fight to the finish. Always be positive and never think for things that don’t have any solution for.” This is one Fashionista with her feet firmly on the ground who recognises that great success only comes with a lot of hard work.

Just months away from graduation Judit has found herself at the inevitable cross roads “I don´t know what I will do, I would love visit New York or Berlin because both cities are related to fashion. The most interesting thing about studying fashion is that you can do thousands of things afterwards, you can specialize in a million things” so with many a path to choose MSL are sure we will be hearing great things from Judit; a handbag collection perhaps? I will take one is blue please; it was love at first sight.

Vist addictissima for more fashion tips and news from Judit

Sophie Maguire



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