In our quest for fashion stories MSL make contact with fascinating women from all over the globe. For this week’s Your Story we feature a Q&A with Joellen Lu a blogger and online vintage clothing retailer from sunny California.

Name and age?
Joellen Lu, 21

Where are you based?
Orange County and LA

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career?
I’m a “shopaholic” as well as a lover of all things vintage, so I sell the best of the gems I find and pass it along to clothing fanatics alike.

Your blog is very successful what made you start blogging? Did you expect such a large following?
Well thank you! I do believe that both my blog and my shop have room to grow, but under no circumstances did I ever think so many people would be interested in what I wore and what ramblings I have that trail along with it. I’ve always recorded my experiences one way or another; before blogs existed, I was a seven year old writing about my second grade successes and tribulations in my trusty Hello Kitty diary, complete with a lock.

Here at Maggie Semple we love JLoves closet, what made you start the shop?
When I had just turned 18 my closet began overflowing after starting my new job at Urban Outfitters. I began selling my slightly used clothing on blogspot, but I noticed my blog photos were beginning to have some sort of presence on tumblr, so I reacted quickly and converted.

Do you have a treasured piece of clothing that you have kept hold of?
Definitely! Vintage suede Chanel boots, sweaters with crazy unique graphics, vintage Christian Dior pullover, etc.

What is the story behind the item and why is it special to you?
I haven’t been through any life-changing experiences with the boots or anything, but snagging them for 90% less than what they’d normally sell for is pretty awesome.

What woman inspires you most?
Cliche as it seems, my mother does.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

And lastly tell us an interesting fact or tip?
I pretty sure the pronunciation of my blog is a bit ambiguous to the reader, so to rectify any uncertainties, it’s said “jo-leen.”

Visit Joellen’s blog and online store at

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