Since my dismay last week regarding the upcoming mass of vampire films that are due to storm the screens of our cinemas, I have found that there still may be hope left for the films of 2013. A whole host of horror is also coming our way, many which look hopeful in terms of their ability to actually scare their audiences for once. With the latest “Texas Chainsaw” production already in theatres over the country being shown in 3D for extra thrills, the trend for remade horror classics has already begun. You can anticipate a new version of “Carrie” featuring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore, as well as the ultimate cabin in the woods nightmare in the upcoming version of eighties’ possession thriller “Evil Dead” in October and April respectively.

Expect some superb sequels too. “The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia” and “Insidious 2” are two must-sees which I can only hope are capable of living up to the high expectations set by the tension and dramatics of the originals. Despite scepticism regarding the likes “Paranormal Activity 5” and “The Last Exorcism Part 2”, there is always the off chance that producers will have learnt from previous mistakes. You might just catch me in at one of the screenings… just in case I could be missing a gem of course.

If you’d prefer something brand new to terrify you, then watch out for Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowka’s suitably sinister performances in “Stoker” this March. As a long-time sucker for a haunted house terror, I would similarly await the release of “Dark Circles” a month later for a good dose of ‘there’s something wrong with this house’ hijinks.

As predicted in my last post, the Autumn/Winter trends for 2013-14 are swaying towards a strong gothic luxe vibe. With New York Fashion Week currently in full swing, you can look to some of the recent catwalks to see these signatures  style appearing within the collections of many designers. Take the Alexander Wang show, for example, which featured leather and fur textures against a black and grey palette.

DKNY too used leather, teamed with sheer panelling, set with black beanies and glossy winter boots. Equally, dark quilting and ebony bomber jackets made an impact at Rag & Bone.

After the upcoming summer of wearing neon and pastel colours, filled with festivals and drinking in the sunshine, it’s likely that a touch of glamorous dark layering will be more than welcome by the time the colder months reappear. Be sure to watch out for the new collections as they are broadcast worldwide over the next few weeks, as they will be the perfect accompaniment to the feast of horror that we can expect to enjoy year round in 2013.

By Sophie Seymour

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