It’s the moment we all dread when our beloved locks are set against their enemy, and the irons are sanctioned to the back to the wardrobe. After a little reckless use, your ends are frazzled and the only medication your hairdresser can prescribe is a cold turkey withdrawal. For those of us who use this life saver on a regular to daily basis, it can’t come as quite a slap in the face. Especially when your frizzy curls can barely contain themselves with the hair straighteners let alone without them.

So what do you do? Go into hiding until your long suffering hair has made it’s recovery? Unfortunately that might seem a little unreasonable to your boss so we know it’s out of the question. Instead we’ve compiled a survival guide for life without the flat irons.

 Embrace Au Natural

Let’s be honest, is your hair really that bad that you can’t just leave it alone? Unless you’re channelling Cher pre 1980’s, why not just embrace what mother nature gave you and let it all hang loose? Curls and waves are all the rage come spring/summer, so why not get the beach babe look down to a tee now that you’ve got some time to spare?


Release your inner beach babe with some natural texture

 Get To Know Your Products

If you don’t fancy fighting the frizz then nows the time to get to know what works on those tresses to keep them tame. There are now more than ever, 100’s of products scaling the drugstore shelves specifically designed to manage rebellious hair. Stock pile with your Boots points and get playing. You don’t know until you try so take hold your new look.


Whatever your preference there’s a perfect product out there for every hair type

Learn to Love The Hair Dryer 

The hair dryer is going to be your new closest friend after the banishment of the straighteners. The only heat the hairdresser will allow, it’s now that time in your life when you’re going to finally have to master the blow-dry. Known to be a skill only bestowed upon the hair professionals, so ask your hairdresser for a tutorial and if all else fails hit Youtube.


Embrace the blow dry, you’ll be a pro in no time at all!

Healthy Body Healthy Hair

Of course to end this hair hell there’s only one thing that can ease you out of your pain. Eating healthily will encourage stronger more resilient hair, so the earlier you begin to chow down on nutritious food, the quicker you can be reunited with your beloved straighteners.


Get healthy and reap the beauty benefits

By Lizzie Benton


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