“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way” – Lucy Tighe for Never Fully Dressed

It’s London Clothes Show Live 2008, and as I make my way through the maze of identical pop up shops and rummage my way through the sea of clothing racks, there was one stall that caught my eye. Like a child in a candy store I enthusiastically searched the rails, unable to control the excitable clothes addict within me, I knew I had uncovered something special.

Unlike conglomerate high street stores, the team at Never Fully Dressed, fronted by designer Lucy Tighe, are personable in every way, her regular contact with devoted customers whether it’s at her vintage styled stalls on Portobello Market and Spittalfields, through their Facebook page or through their blog, she keeps her followers of the brand inspired and updated. Even the smallest of details has been intricately planned, as Lucy adds an individual and feminine feel to her delivery service by using cerise pink tissue paper to wrap up her garments. These are just a few prime examples of how Lucy and her team are always making a conscious effort to keep both old and new customers feeling valued and special. It is truly a breath of fresh air to see a designer so in touch with her humble beginnings and dedicated to her brand; she is a credit to her market trading parents, and to her grandfather who gave Lucy her Singer sewing machine at the age of 7 and with which Never Fully Dressed began.

So what can you expect to find hidden in the gold mine of Never Fully Dressed?

You will find a beautiful array of flowing frocks and shirts embellished with jewelled cuffs and collars, distinctive vintage inspired jewellery, gold studded jumpers perfect for the forthcoming winter and jackets cut in a variety of flattering styles and pallets .This month my wish list for Never Fully Dressed grows, as I long for the cargo jacket with leather sleeves and the crochet back Barbie shirt to be a part of my bursting at the seams wardrobe; which, as far as I’m concerned, can never be too full of Never Fully Dressed attire.

So after four years since my personal discovery of this beautifully unique boutique, it is time for Never Fully Dressed to stretch their fashion giving wings. Being a part of ASOS Marketplace, Never Fully Dressed have earned their righteous place among other individual and designer boutiques and with their Ostrich feather gilet recently being printed in Grazia, I am truly excited to observe their journey further as they continue to make an impact on British fashion.

For those who have been inspired by their story, and want to witness the fashion treasure chest of Never Fully Dressed in person, they are doing a pop up shop with London loves LA at The Gallery on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch running from the 10th-18th September from 10am to 8pm. See you there!

Hattie Lee

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