Four Food Fests

Over the last two weeks I have attended four formal dinners in prestigious venues in London. The first, as a guest of a global fashion brand; the second, my valedictory event at the Science Museum; the third to celebrate International Poetry Day on the stage of the Royal Festival Hall; and the fourth the UBM Asian Awards Ceremony in Park Lane. Each event was a glittering occasion and every night I wore a different gown made by Hilla my designer based in Italy.

My dresses all cut low on the shoulders drew many compliments. I was asked about my style choices and was reminded that a well-designed garment speaks volumes about the wearer. I have to admit that wearing such beautiful clothes made me feel really good. And there is something quite affirming when you know that no-one else is wearing your dress.

However it was in the ladies rest rooms where the real conversations took place. As women stood in front of mirrors, they commented on the colours and fabrics of the garments that others were wearing. They praised how beautiful people looked and from those conversations came new links. I exchanged a few business cards and promised to invite people to our mews house for a coffee. But I didn’t share the contact details of Hilla my designer as there are some things that should just be kept secret!

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