Blooming Marvellous

This may be my inner desire to be a hippie speaking, but I am a strong believer in looking outside the wardrobe for inspiration on what to wear and what colour palettes to create. In some of my previous features, I have talked you through the style haven ASOS Fashion Finder as a source of inspiration and even your boyfriend or partner as a style match. But for this post, I’m going to go down the ‘au natural’ route and show you how the sweet flowers of Spring are key for forecasting and keeping up with trends. Yes, petalled pretties do much more than making your garden look attractive and keeping Mum busy, they are the perfect colour swatches to help you keep your look in season.


Peony flowers will show you the diversity to pale pink. The delicate tone is great to incorporate into your beauty look as it is both subtle, elegant and feminine. Dust the colour onto your lips or on your cheek bones for that classic British rose look. I highly recommend committing the colour to one statement fashion item too. A boyfriend fit coat in this shade will make you stand out from the crowd and is safe from being too brash so you won’t need to worry about looking like a Barbie.



White Orchids

The white on white trend is huge at the moment and I liken this trend to white orchids. Swans of the flower world, these flowers last for ages making great house-warming gifts. In this same sense, the white on white trend is set to have great longevity. It’s a timeless colour which oozes sophistication and class, two things society will never tire of.




These tall stalked flowers come in a naturally beautiful blue. The name derives from the word ‘dolphin’, which are the dancers of the sea and so for me, this stunning colour makes for a great bikini set. The deepness of the blue will highlight the glow of your tan and help you feel confident from the inside. But if you haven’t got any holidays planned, try working this colour into your wardrobe with a blazer or even a nail polish. It’s a colour you won’t want to miss out on.




By Marni Banks


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