After the fantastic success of our ‘iconic dress’ posts here at MSL we’ve decided to widen our search by respectively paying homage to designers themselves, and in particular how a style of garment has become synonymous with their name. For instance a unique dress style can turn an unknown designer into an A list star overnight; if seen on the right person at the right time a designer’s status can be instantly transformed, with the dress firmly placing itself in fashion history.

What better way to kick start our forage into the historical world of high fashion than by paying tribute to the phenomenal Hervé Léger and the significant impact that the ‘bandage dress’ has had on the fashion industry. Born in Northern France in 1957 Leger went on to study Sculpture and Art History in Paris where he later became the assistant of a little known fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld! After following Lagerfeld from Fendi to Chanel Léger felt ready to branch out alone, in 1985 he founded his own self-titled company and just four short years later celebrated the sensational success of the very first ‘bandage dress’.

Bandage dresses have become a world renowned ‘style saviour’ for women due to their incredibly flattering cut and effortlessly classy sex appeal. Léger’s trademark fabric, consisting of wool or silk woven with Lycra and/or Elastene managed to perfectly mold and shape to a women’s figure ensuring a tight, structured fit. The signature bandage-esque strips of material that formed the iconic dresses became instantaneously recognisable with the Hervé Léger brand and women everywhere flocked to own their very own body-con beauty.


The infamous dress exploded onto the fashion scene in the 90’s and no star worth their salt was seen without one. From Cindy Crawford to Tyra Banks the body-con dress became ‘the garment’ to be seen in, naturally accentuating the supermodels flawless curves in all their glory. After a brief dip when the manufacturing of the dresses was halted the legendary Léger creation is has once again firmly placed itself on the style map. Now more versatile than ever the body-con brand has evolved from a simple dress to skirts, fit and flare and maxi’s displaying the materials incredible evolution. The dresses notorious timeless quality has been firmly recognised as of late with A list stars continually showing their appreciation as well as vintage Léger dresses become more and more popular.

In order for a design style to become timeless it has to stand up against its competitor’s season after season as an exemplary wardrobe staple. Over 20 years have passed since the very first bandage dress but still the garment is held in high esteem by fellow designers and celebrity’s alike, the body-con is the definitive ‘go to’ dress when nothing else will do. As a sure fired stunning ensemble every time no woman should be without an iconic Léger creation. Yesterday, today, tomorrow the Hervé Léger bandage dress will forever hold a place in the pages of fashion history.

Jenna Jones


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