So festival season is upon us. The best time of year some of us might say. Time to get merry and muddy with your friends. But just because you don’t mind going a day or two without a shower does not mean that you have to look as bad as you smell!

Okay, so the conditions aren’t great. You’re trying to balance your tiny compact mirror on your knee whilst having a go at your best attempt of even eyeliner, suffocating on a whole can of dry shampoo and using an entire pack of baby wipes. All in the harsh humidities of your tent to try and avoid being seen without your eyebrows on. Trust me, I know. It’s not easy for us ladies. But I know that once I’ve got a fab festival outfit on, I’m feeling fresh and ready to party.

So what are these key fashion essentials we are on about? If you have done the torturous walk before, you’ll be familiar with the pain of carrying 100 bags, that each feel a good percentage of your body weight. So packing light is a must. For me the first thing to pack is bikinis and bandeau’s. This is mostly for comfort reasons but I think they’re also a great fashion statement underneath cut out tops. Or if you’re brave enough on a hot day, just with a pair of high wasted shorts.tops

You can also pair it up with the next item that I’m a huge fan of; the kimono. This item is lightweight and you can wear it with almost anything. A pair of denim shorts and a crop top is my personal favourite to pair up with the kimono, but if you’re not comfortable in a crop, then it looks great with a cami or even just a plain vest top. A cute loose summer dress is also a great fashion piece to bring along – team it up with a long lace waistcoat, frilly socks and boots and you’ll look like a festival fashion pro.


The rain coat is unfortunately an inevitable item to be needed in our British weather, so make sure it’s one you want to be seen in! A kaki coloured or navy one if you prefer something plain, or for something more fun a floral number. And with rain comes the cold, so for those chilly days and evenings a pair of ripped mom jeans and a tartan shirt and crop top. Which you can then tie around the waist if it warms up. Don’t forget that huge woolly jumper you have hidden in the back of your wardrobe either – it’s a life saver on those nippy nights!


One thing we haven’t mentioned is our number one companion at such events. Formally known as the welly. Whether yours are boring green and a size too big, or gloriously bright, look after them! They’re going to be your new best friend for a few days!

boojsTo complete your festival look, back brush the mop or wack in a cute braid, then to finish add a flower garland – we all know how much us ladies love those! Also don’t forget your simple accessories such as long necklaces, big earrings and rings. And girls. ALWAYS paint those fingernails!! But most of all, no matter what your chosen outfit, crack open a beverage and have a load of fun!

Peace out.

By Connie O’Neill

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