The fashion industry is synonymous with creativity and is ever growing with new ideas. The latest craze which we have caught on to is less subtle and definitely more daring than others but definitely worth a look. It seems the runway and the dinner menu are merging into one. Designers and creative photographers are finding their muse in food, creating collections that are quite literally, good enough to eat. I’m sure this rings a bell for all of you, recalling the simply outrageous meat dress worn by the adventurous and unconventional Lady Gaga in 2010. To put it simply, Gaga’s meat dress over stepped the line in many ways, ridiculing the idea of fusing fashion and food. However, others have shown that when done tastefully (excuse the pun), one-of-a-kind, couture creations can be cooked up from a delicious serving of our favourite foods. Here are some of our favourite examples to whet your appetite and cure your hunger for fashion.

This July, editor-in-chief of Tvelv Magazine, Hissa Igarashi and fashion editor Sayuri Marakum took the idea of fashion and food to a whole new level. To introduce new Tvelv Magazine to the scene, a dress made from 50,000 gummy bears, weighing over 220 pounds graced the pages and amazed the eyes of every reader. Influenced by Alexander McQueen’s rainbow dress, Igarashi and Marakum used the intense colour of the edible bears to create a piece of fashion that is mouth watering and memorable. “The gummy bears serve as a unique, creative, and colourful way of expressing such an idea and emotion.” Delicious!

Designer Ami Goodheart worked with photographer Ted Sabarese on his series, ‘Hunger Pains’ to create a collection that reflects the models personal food cravings. Working with foods such as pasta, bread and artichokes, the collection is very surreal but pleasantly appealing.

Earlier this year, Harrods showcased a display of crowns in commemoration of the Queens jubilee in their Brompton windows. Amongst the collection was the crown designed by Mulberry. Inspired by candy and all things sweet, the crown was dipped in ‘hundreds and thousands’ and placed on a cushion made to look like the classic Victoria sponge cake making it utterly irresistible.


One last example shows how accessories can be designed in just as creative ways using the manipulations of foods to create something delectable. Italian photographer, Fulvio Bonavia, released a book called ‘A Matter of Taste’, illustrating his conceptual photos of food as fashion.

Marni Banks


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