We live in a world where waiting is no longer an option. We demand everything at our fingertips immediately if not sooner, whether it be the latest film, gossip, or trend. And nowhere has this change been more evident than in fashion. Over the last few years the industry has evolved and landscapes have changed. The exclusive nature of a catwalk show has been replaced as videos, pictures and reviews fill the Internet faster than you can say fashion week. With the designers that once called the shots being edged out by the fashion bloggers dictating the F-row.
Kavita from She Wears Fashion is hot blogging property right now
A sneak inside Park & Cube’s handbag during last years LFW
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cassiusPrince Cassius hits the Red Carpet for E!Online
The power fashion bloggers wields is truly quite remarkable. Followed by hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, they have fast become the new age celebrity, with fashion designers, brands and magazines eager to please their discerning fashion palettes. With just one opinion enough to make or break an army of potential customers it is no wonder that fashion designers are falling over themselves to gain the attention of these influential industry players. And despite their rising celebrity status, it’s the down to earth nature of fashion bloggers that drives their popularity. Unlike a pop star or actress, bloggers are attainable role models, communicating via relatable social media platforms.

Tatty Devine aim to please with these personalised tweet necklaces
Now it seems that brands have not only caught on to the power of a fashion blogger they are  going out of their way to be noticed by the big players. In an incredibly chic game of one upmanship, designers will shower bloggers with designer clothing and products in the vain hope that their latest wares will become the subject of unprecedented free publicity. But for every Park & Cube there are hundreds of mediocre wannabes trying to emulate their success to no avail. It is so much more than just posing in the middle of the road and gazing into the distance, whilst your BFF takes your picture on a dated smartphone! It takes dedication, hard work and a vast knowledge of the industry. There’s a reason that only a select few made it to the big time and long may they reign as the peoples voice of high fashion.
Lua of Le Happy pulls in 1.2 million followers to her Instagram page alone
By Jenna Jones

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