Earlier this week, all eyes were on the one and only Christian Dior, as the new AW14/15 Couture collection was unveiled. Held once again in the Rodin Museum, a location close to the heart of Creative Director Raf Simons, the high end fashion label praised the elegance and form of the female silouhette, with a set of stunning gowns and sleak cuts that nodded to the Edwardian Era.


The beautiful relationship between fashion and history never fails to inspire me, providing a glimpse of how the world turned in days gone by. Couture allows for the opportunity to enhance this nostalgia even more, and this is something the renowned Raf Simons celebrated perfectly in this collection.


“Confronting what people now think is modern”, Raf invited us into a world of Eighteenth century French court, Edwardian tailoring with delicate greys, and embroidery executed to the highest level of finesse. Billowing from the waist, the collection accentuated the female form, but in a way that created a slim line, well-poised shadow. The excellence showcased in this range was elevated as the models strolled casually down the orchid filled gardens in simple black court shoes, letting the ballgowns and tailoring to do all the talking. And if they could speak, we can only imagine they were saying, ‘I’m Dior dahling!’



From the oversized coat lapels, to the intricate florals and rare mink and cashmere textures, the collection really stood out for me. Although it was all couture, many of the pieces looked as if they were designed for the busy, go-getter woman of today. Raf understands his women, and forever strives to make his collections fit like a glass slipper.

And what made the show even better? Of course it had to be guests British rose Emma Watson and the legendary Jennifer Lawrence who sat front row.

By Marni Banks

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