Cocktails at Covent Garden’s hidden treasure

Amid the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square

lies a cocktail club which you need to be aware.

Though many walk over it and never spy

if you look closely you will see its sign.

Walk down the steps and don’t look back

now the secret is both yours and mine.

Take in the surroundings and be amazed

at the cosy interior and speakeasy cave.

Browse the menu and if you struggle,

a beautiful barman will help you pick your potion.

Watch in awe as he twists and juggles

the best cocktail drink you’ll ever have in London.


Now relax and take a pew

and listen to those old and legendary tunes.

But make sure to hang around for tequila hour

and wait for the bartender to pour it all around.

Dance on the tables and let your hair down

in true Bugsy Malone and Blousey Brown style.


Now don’t leave before sampling a Long Island Iced Tea

as I know you’ll fall in love with them as much as me.

But when home time finally calls and you say your goodbyes

I know you’ll still leave with a smile.

Because as you join the traffic of people

theatre goers and the like,

you know it won’t be long before you ditch the pub

and find yourself back at the Covent Garden Cocktail Club.

By Hattie Lee

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