Isabel Marant H&M collaboration hits eBay

There’s only one week to go (ONE WEEK!) until we can get our grubby mitts on the Uh-mazing Isabel Marant x H&M collection – how is it still taking so long!?

Well, if you’re sick of waiting and just cannot wait another week, why not head over to eBay – there’s plenty of the stuff over there! Just be sure to take your chequebook!

That’s right, this week eBay has been inundated with Maranty goodness and at your typical (core label) Maranty prices, before it’s even hit the shelves. The chances are that either those select lucky fashionista’s were given pieces in last week’s Paris preview and are trying to make some fast cash or – and I’m assuming this to be the more likely, people are just hoping for the best come Nov.14 and flogging stuff they don’t even have yet. Either way, there’s no way I’m paying £300 for a cardigan…is there?!

The reason for the likelihood of the latter is that even though you might think you’re getting your pieces before all us ordinary folk, look closely and you’ll see that the dispatch date is actually Nov 15 (or later!) Now I’m not the best with numbers, but even I can calculate that by the time you have actually received your order, everyone else will already have theirs and will have paid a fraction of the price.  Hardly seems worth it, does it?!

After much deliberation I can only conclude that this somewhat pointless stunt can be about one of three things:

a) The eBaying geniuses thought that people wouldn’t notice the dispatch date.

b) They’re trying to cash in on the inhumane queuing pa lava that strikes every H&M collab.

c) It’s all a big fat publicity stunt to make people want it more and think it’s now actually super great value for money!

Whatever the reason, it’s worked as I am almost bursting with excitement thinking about the fact I could be the proud owner of Isabel Marant by next week! See you in the queue!

By Natalie Miller

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