So Lords have started leaping and the geese are getting fat; like it or not Christmas is well and truly on its way. Whether you are a fully-fledged Christmas Elf or a scroogy bar-humbug type it’s time to face those packed high streets and more importantly get your wishlist off to Santa!

Satuma’s and mince pies aside, if you pick your wishlist carefully you can build your fashion credentials to see you right through until spring. Here’s what us MSL girls are going to be coveting this year…

Biker Boots

If we are going to be facing Siberian weather conditions this winter then we are damn well going to do it in style! Forget moon boots and Hunter wellies, if you really want to be a snow angel this year then stomp your way through the ice in a pair of chunky biker boots.



The ultimate stocking filler, never underestimate the power of a good pair of socks! This year socks are having a fashion moment and are slouching over the top of boots, frilling over the edges of shoes and peeping out from under trousers. Go bright and bold to update a tired outfit with a fresh fashion twist.


Oversized Coat

What better way to wrap up this year than with an oversized winter coat. The catwalk was full of tailored yet cosy styles but if the loved ones finances don’t stretch to designer then the high street has some excellent copies this year too.



The daily commute can be fraught with trouble at any time of year but come January there is danger at every icy corner. Make your commute a little bit more enjoyable by asking Santa for a pair of noise blocking headphones which can double up as earmuffs.


Christmas Bling

Girls who like a bit of bling will know that the best presents are always the smallest. Ring, necklaces, bracelets all fit neatly under the tree and are a guaranteed way to make a fashionista smile this Christmas.


Compile your wishlist on Pinterest and start dropping heavy hints now but remember that Santa always checks his list twice so make sure you have been playing nicely this year.

By Samantha Vandersteen


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