Earlier this week I attended a really interesting networking event and the topic of discussion was how to grow your business globally. In a room full of female entrepreneurs of all ages, I sat and listened to the amazing stories of ingenuity and passion. Before the event started I chatted to people over an early morning coffee and was inspired by all that I heard. The conversation was bold and truthful as being an innovator takes courage and not everything goes to plan.

One speaker took my breath away. Here in front of us was Carrie Green. Carrie told us about her journey from being someone who began a business that in hindsight, she had little passion for and how she changed her life to doing something that was meaningful. Her story telling was captivating.

Carrie studied Law at the University of Birmingham and during her third year she attended night school to learn about web development and running a business. At 20 years old she set up her first business to do with mobile unlocking and within a short space of time she had received 100,000 visits a month to her website from customers in the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia. After a while Carrie decided that her heart was not in mobile unlocking and in 2011 decided to set up the Female Entrepreneur Association as a way to connect with like-minded women from all over the world. Using social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, Carrie built up a bank of stories of the good and the bad times of different women in business. In July 2012 Carrie launched a digital magazine, This Girl Means Business and within the first three months it had been viewed by 1.3 million people.

Once the audience recovered from Carrie’s presentation the questions followed. Her messages were clear and compelling. “Set goals and believe that you will achieve them.” She had us eating out of her hands!

The one thing Carrie didn’t tell us was that she is a business mentor for the Prince’s Trust and an ambassador for Start Up Loans. She also omitted to say that in September 2012 she won The Change Makers Award that was presented to her by HRH Prince Andrew.

And what did I take away from meeting Carrie? Modesty and that all things are possible with determination and focus. This is something that drives all that we do at MSL and I am hoping to meet Carrie again so that she can sprinkle some of her magic on us. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I hope that, where ever you are in the world, you will find a moment to celebrate women like Carrie’s achievements.

Maggie Semple

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