If there is one November 5th, we at MSL will always remember, it will be this year’s. On Tuesday we celebrated our third birthday and the launch of Semple Magazine issue IV at The Club at The Ivy, where our friends, family and our MSL supporters all came together to toast our successes, rekindle memories and hear what the next three years have in store for MSL.


Our stylish guests were welcomed from the glass elevator with welcome drinks and a plethora of inspiring people to engage in discussion with, before everyone took their seats to hear myself in conversation with Mary Keane-Dawson. It was a prime opportunity to look back on all our achievements over the past three years, from our Behind The Seams book, our much-loved Semple Secret events, to launching our fourth issue of our Semple magazine. It was also a prime opportunity to show, for the first time, our new Behind The Seams advert, which was very well received and we were very fortunate to have Melanie Frazer-Reid, the 20-year-old singer and songwriter behind our song, in the room with us.

My talk with Mary about the future left us all feeling very optimistic and excited about the forthcoming years of MSL and there was no better way to finish the evening than by presenting our Behind The Scenes video from our Semple Issue IV magazine photo shoot. This was introduced by a very thought-provoking speech from our Editor, Sophie Maguire, who made me feel very proud of the MSL team and our contributors who continue to believe in MSL and help make our dreams a reality. These two videos will be shared through social media next week, so for those of you who missed these, keep your eyes peeled.


The evening finished with more celebratory drinks and warm-hearted talks with friends, old and new. I would personally like to thank everyone who attended the event, and for the kind messages from those who were unable to be there. We hope to see you all again very soon at our next Semple Secret event.

As a gift for attending our birthday event, we presented everyone with a Behind The Seams voucher which entitles the holder to 20% off your purchase. MSL would love to help you bind the memories and tell the story behind your treasured garment in time for Christmas, so if you haven’t already done so, please email sophie@maggiesemple.com to start the process.


By Maggie

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