I guess by now you will have actively thought and possibly have done something to celebrate today, International Women’s Day. Last year I wrote about how Italian women celebrate achievements by displaying mimosa, a yellow fragrant flower. My topic today is about the visibility of women and this links with the International Women’s Day theme of connecting girls and inspiring futures.

As you will remember, I am fascinated with science and technology and on a recent visit I learned about what CERN is doing today. CERN is a hub of excellence for particle physics and the talented women who work there inspire me. Today women at CERN will be in the majority at the controls of experiments and accelerators. There is an exhibition by Italy’s National Institute for Particle Physics (INFN) on Italian women working on the Large Hadron Collider experiments and other photo collections will also be on display.

At MSL we are celebrating today at the weekend! I will be chairing a panel discussion with some young and established women talking about clothes and the decorative arts. The session is part of the annual Women of the World Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, London; I think the debate will be thought provoking, outrageous and inspiring. If you are around on Sunday 11 March join me from 3-4pm on the Clore Ballroom. There will be around 250 of us making women visible, connecting girls and inspiring futures!

Maggie Semple

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