As a follow up from last week’s blog about Sir David Attenborough, I will be putting the festive themes on hold for the week to talk about something which is unfortunately much more serious, because I strongly feel it is a topic that is not brought to our attention enough. I am unsure if this is because we are so naturally good at brushing things off if we feel they are out of our power? Or is it because not enough people actually understand the seriousness of the situation?

Humans are the most powerful and most dangerous creature on the earth. We have been destroying and using our planet and its animals for hundreds of years for our own benefits. From bulldozing rainforest habitats to capturing and killing animals for things such as for unproved medicinal purposes or purely for our own entertainment. Here we are, the year 2014 and this still continues.

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Recently following the documentary ‘Blackfish’  and ‘The Cove’ I have found myself extremely shocked and appalled by the information that has been uncovered with the consequences of keeping aquatic animals in captivity. SeaWorld is just one of the many attractions which hold magnificent creatures such as Orcas and Dolphins as prisoners and circus puppets for money. Thousands of people visit these parks each year to watch shows in which they believe they are seeing happy and well cared for animals perform, but unfortunately this is not the case. After watching this documentary I am genuinely amazed at how places such as Sea World are still getting away with this disgusting treatment towards animals and wondering how they are managing to brain wash so many people with nothing but utter lies. Orca’s are extremely intelligent and emotional creatures and they should not be cooped up in unequipped environments, when in the wild they travel for several days at a time. The life expectancy of an Orca in the wild is about 30-50 years with an estimated maximum life span of 60-70 years for males and 80-100 for females. The average life span for an Orca in Sea World is as little as 9.



Something that about this documentary that really surprised me was the little publicity that has been around the attacks from Orcas during their time in Sea World, which again just shows the height of their brain washing skills. This behavior is due to nothing other than stress and misery – these are animals that live in families from two to fifteen individuals and yet in captivity, the only social behavior they receive is from being a show pony for us.


It doesn’t stop there. All over the world animals are suffering for nothing other than money. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that people can believe that animals chained up, in small cages and horrifying habitats are happy. If you are getting your photo taken with your arm around a tiger, it is NOT and never will be right. People need to wake up and start taking action against this cruel treatment towards animals. Publishing and sharing documentaries such as these can spread the education needed to shut down these money making prisons.  I am very ashamed to say that I was once so ignorant to all of this information, however watching these documentaries has really opened my eyes and in all honesty, made me ashamed to be a human.

Please watch and share these documentaries to help put an end to this.


The Cove

By Connie O’Neill

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