Bangs And A Bun

In this age of technology and discovery, the influence of bloggers in joining people together through shared interests is paramount, providing an outlet for creative minds to express their opinions and entice an audience. Muireann Carey-Campbell created her blog ‘Bangs and a Bun’ when she settled in Canada after spending time travelling. Eager to reignite her passion for writing but aware that her expertise lay mainly in music journalism, she turned to the internet and decided that blogging would provide the ideal format to showcase how her writing style had developed.

Four years on and the blog is going from strength to strength. For Muireann, the highlight is having the freedom to be her own boss and decide which topics to report on without limitation. Ever aware of her readers and their interests, Muireann has become known for her blunt opinions and personal revelations.

At the first mention of her treasured item of clothing she becomes excitable and eager to tell her story. A checked Pringle mac is her chosen item, purchased at a dress exchange in Leeds after falling in love with the item in New York years earlier. The symbolism of the jacket is what makes it most special, as it signifies the point at which her life began to take interesting turns and she gained a self confidence which she thought she may never have.

Muireann wearing her treasured Pringle mac.

With this confidence came a realisation of the impact that her mother and grandmother have had on her life and personality.  Descending from Irish Catholic heritage and inspired by a love of style which she shares with her ancestors, Muireann fully appreciates the importance we place on developing a network which inspires women here at MSL.  Supporting and learning from each other is vital, yet Muireann believes that the most important opinion is the one you hold of yourself. ‘Don’t take life too seriously’ are her closing words, and always endeavour to ‘try something different every day.’

Sarah Birch


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