That life long paradox of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear is something that online fashion retailer ASOS has caught onto, creating a platform to ensure this never happens again. ASOS Fashion Finder is as much an online hub for style sharing as it is a wardrobe saviour. With a collection of ensembles that span across ages, occasions and trends, it is a haven for anyone scratching their head over what to wear.

With the options to create your own outfit, or to simply start a style search, ASOS Fashion Finder has it all. Like a google search engine but for fashion, you can type in any desired colour or trend and just like your own personal stylist, it will present to you with a creative list of options, all of which you can take inspiration from and use to help create similar silhouettes with items you already own. Encouraging people to swap clothes on the market place and inspiring you to look through your wardrobe again before giving up and buying new things, the site is an ambassador for slow fashion, and that is something here highly applaud at Semple.


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One of my favourite things about the fashion finder is the creativity behind the outfit boards. Dresses, coats and shoes are presented with a backdrop of either fabrics, locations or images. Likewise, the real life images of people sharing their attire are set in different locations from all over the world. The message here is strong and beautiful, because fashion isn’t just about the clothes themselves. It’s about the muse behind the clothes. The cities that inspired the shapes, the natural phenomenons that inspired the colour palettes and iconic images that inspired how it might be worn. Choosing an outfit doesn’t have to be as black and white as staring into your wardrobe gormlessly hoping something will jump out and look great. Choosing an outfit is about appreciating your surroundings and looking outside the box to find something that might inspire your best fashion choice yet.


So don’t turn your back and give up on your wardrobe just yet. Take a look at ASOS Fashion Finder, explore and fall in love with the infinite fashion possibilities.

By Marni Banks

All images ASOS Fashion Finder

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