Argan oil is created by the process of extracting natural oils found in the nuts of the Argan tree, which is mainly found in Morocco, however can also be found in limited areas in Israel and Algeria. But because of this particular tree only growing in these areas, there is short supply and high demand for Argan oils. Argan oil is great for the skin as it helps it hold on to its elasticity which helps prevent signs of aging. As well as this it loads the skin with nutrients and helps reduce the appearance of things such as burns, scars, stretch marks, under eye circles and wrinkles. It also benefits skin that may have been damaged by smoking, air pollution or harsh sunlight exposure. It is oil that manages the skins PH levels so that the skin does not appear greasy. Argan oil can also reduce the appearance of split ends and frizz in the hair. It produces fatty acids for the hair which help protect it from brittleness which things such as the weather can cause.

argan_extractionExtracting the oils

For the past few days I have been using Moroccan Argan oil; one for the face and body and another for hair and I am fairly pleased with the results. When using the oil in my hair I tried applying it in two different ways; one in dry hair and one in clean, wet hair. When using the oil in dry hair, although my hair did feel extremely soft and my split ends had noticeably reduced, I did find that it left a greasy texture to my hair. My hair was clean however my hair did look like I hadn’t washed it. I tried with a smaller amount on dry hair however and it was a lot better. It is very easy to use too much of the product so make sure you are only using a pea size amount on the palm of your hand, then rub the hands together and gently brush through the hair. Alternatively use on clean, wet hair; for me this was a much better method. I again used a small pea sized amount and brushed through my hair. When my hair was dry it was a lot smoother and generally healthier looking. Because of only having to use a small amount, the oil should last you a long time.

I really loved using Argan oil on my face and body; my skin felt so much smoother and looked fresh and healthy. I used the oil after washing and exfoliating my face so that my face was completely clean and this is when I received the best results. Again, not a lot of oil needs to be used on the face, but you might find you get through a bit more when it comes to using it on your body. I have quite dry skin so my skin absolutely soaked all the nutrients up and I really saw benefits. Although as most oils, it is quite sticky if you don’t allow it to ‘air’ properly. So it’s probably not best to use it and then put your skinny jeans on!! I also noticed that my nails appear in better condition as they are normally brittle and break easily.

image1Alassala Moroccan Argan Oil

I would really recommend these oils to anyone who suffers from dry or irritated skin as it is very soothing and you can really feel the difference, especially with the cold winter coming up! I would also recommend Argan oil for anyone who has previously dyed/styled their hair a lot as it really helps damaged hair and gives a glossy, healthy finish to the hair.

By Connie O’Neill

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