Creating social media accounts for your pets may sound crazy to those who don’t own any, but to millions of animal lovers across the world it seems like the most logical thing to do! It’s got to the point in my online life where I have to physically restrain myself from following any more dog Instagram and Twitter accounts – they’re sort of taking over, it now takes even longer to scroll endlessly before I even get a glimpse of what my family and friends are getting up to.

The problem is these pets are just way too cute! Being dressed up in human clothes, bath time selfies and holiday themed fancy dress is currently what I’m looking at while spending the extra 15 minutes I allow myself in bed in the mornings. Myself and my sister even took this new obsession to another level; we created our beloved pooch Jacob his own Instagram account and so far people are loving it!! Now I can’t pretend it’s not a little bit soul destroying when your dog gets more likes than you do, but on the other hand it’s fun giving your pet it’s own persona.


tThat’s a face only Instagram could love

For our generation it’s not uncommon for people to become internet famous, but nowadays animals are also breaking the internet. Grumpy cat was a trailblazer in the online pet lover community and now he’s a millionaire, yes you read that right a cat is a millionaire. Since then the internet has been flooded with dancing cats, rescue dogs and even house bunnies – there’s something for everyone.

catA cat has more money than you – let that sink in

So whether you choose to follow these adorable accounts, or if you think they’re absolutely ridiculous I challenge anyone to ignore the joy they bring to thousands of people – and quite frankly I don’t have time for people that won’t revel in this new found craze. So if you have a pet, why not get them their own social media account? And give the people what they want!

diDigby playing dress up

mMarnie hanging with her celeb pals

Animal accounts you simply must follow…

1. @tunameltsmyheart on Instagram – a dog with an overbite, need I say more?
2. @Kermit_Thedog on Twitter – YouTube star Jenna Marbles’ Italian Greyhound
3. @iamlilbub on Instagram – a cat with the biggest eyes and pinkest tongue
4. @frecklesandfuzzbuns on Instagram – two mischievous fluffy bunnies
5. @digbyvanwinkle on Instagram – my personal favourites! Two Griffons, dressed up daily

By Talia Maguire


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