Diversity in modelling has become an area of increased interest and coverage over recent years, as the fashion industry comes to accept the need to seek out ambassadors who are relatable to women across the nation. Angel Sinclair is a proud advocator of this movement, founding the new campaign ‘Models of Diversity’ whilst juggling her work at ‘Sinclair Management Agency’ and her devotion to a domestic violence helpline service, where she has contributed on a freelance basis for nearly fourteen years.

The motivation to develop the ‘Models of Diversity’ campaign came after she was approached by television producers to audition for ‘Miss Naked Beauty’. Aired in 2008 and hosted by Gok Wan and Myleen Class, the programme aimed to celebrate the beauty of women who happily do not fit the model stereotype, ultimately selecting an ambassador who would spend the year campaigning nationwide under the title, ‘Miss Naked Beauty’. Arriving at the audition wearing her most treasured item of clothing, a chocolate brown dress which featured elegant embroidery and embellishment, she felt ‘a million dollars’. Although conscious of being a mature contestant, Angel recalls how she stood out against the crowds of twenty year olds who had turned up in casual wear, and sailed through her audition ‘with flying colours’.

Angel wearing her treasured dress.

Having moved on from the show to front a campaign of her own, Angel has come to accept her athletic build which she felt limited her modelling opportunities during the early years of her career. In doing so, she has learned not to be so hard on herself and to truly embrace her individuality. This strength of character mirrors that of her mother, a ‘determined, fiercely ambitious woman’ who raised Angel and her brother alone, forged a lucrative career in the hotel industry and became a real inspiration to her daughter.

Like most of the women we meet here at MSL, Angel feels she can really relate to the relationship women have with their clothing and the bonds this can instil between friends and families. ‘Enjoy life, embrace it and don’t take yourself so seriously’ are Angel’s key tips, advice we’re sure all women can apply to their life, career and individual style.


Sarah Birch


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