Holiday season is upon us and at MSL we simply cannot wait to jet off to far flung exotic locations, sip cocktails and lounge around in the sun all day. We have found the perfect bikini, buffed, waxed and moisturised every inch of our tired pale skin and the holiday countdown has begun. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to plan our airport outfit.

Airports, for me, carry mixed emotions – I both love and hate the airport. I love, that as soon as I’m through security I know it’s only a matter of time until I touch down in 40 degrees heat, but I hate that I have to sit cooped up for hours, on an over air conditioned aeroplane. Now, I have had the pleasure of flying first class once or twice (the perks of family in the know), but for the most part, my summer holiday sees me flying a budget airline at an ungodly hour.

So when you’re flying coach and it is barely dawn outside, what on earth do you wear to the airport? As tempting as it is to sling on your sweats, Ugg’s and a hoodie, opting out of make-up and sporting hair that hasn’t seen a brush, it really isn’t a glamorous start to your vacation.

I’m not suggesting we all pull a Victoria Beckham and choose skin tight leather pants, towering heels and a top so tight breathing becomes problem. I’m just saying, find a balance between Hollywood celeb and PJ chic. Keep the look casual and stylish and trust me your journey will be so much more bearable. Plus, once you step off that plane at your chosen destination you will instantly be bar ready.

A good black legging is a great place to start – comfy yet still stylish. These can be worn with a baggy white shirt or a stripy tee. Team with a black leather jacket or a blazer for some instant cool. Be sure to opt for muted classic colours, nothing to bright, you’re not on holiday yet and you don’t want to look to try hard. We are going for an understated look here.

Get the celeb look with an oversized handbag, perfect for all your in-flight essentials and go for sunglasses and a hat, these will look fashionable but hide your tired eyes and bed hair; which we know from experience, will be static and all over the place by the time you land.

Now you have the majority of your look together, it’s time to think foot wear, and this is always a tricky one – Flip flops or boots? Cold feet in-flight or hot feet upon landing? It’s a challenging decision. I suggest opting for a ballet flat as a comprise.

Finally add a scarf to complete your outfit. Layers are perfect for airports, you can warp the scarf around you on the chilly plane and then relegate it to your bag on arrival.


MSL’s Airport Dos and Don’ts


  • Opt for sunglasses, they hide the pre and post flight bags and plus you will need them the other end.
  • Wear a hat – great for hiding messy hair and bang on trend. Never pack your hat though, it will be out of Shape before take-off. Instead wear it and save the room in your case and humiliation on the beach later.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Stretch your legs
  • Keep make-up minimal. Opt for a moisturising foundation and a good lip care. You can always redo your make up before touch down.


  • Wear belts, buckles and excessive amounts of jewellery. Security is bad enough without you holding up the queue with your accessories.
  • Drink too much. Flights are dehydrating enough without all the toxins of your ‘one to many vodka lemonades’. There will be plenty of time to drink on arrival.
  • Cake your face with make-up. Your skin will be grey and dry come time to land. Not a good look at all.
  • Wear your beach outfit – you will freeze on the plane, instead go for layers.
Have a safe flight!

Sophie Maguire


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    I’m so pleased to be flying on Monday to warmer places (not hard when you look out of the window right now here in the UK!). I’m wearing dark blue skinny jeans turned up, animal print ballet pumps, a simple white vest top, a scarf and a long cardigan .. I shall be carrying the oversized bag to fill full of the delights when travelling with small children!

    When I fly long haul I wear a nice outfit for the airport and then when safely seated and after take-off I change the bottom end into some nice yoga pants for ultimate comfort. I change again just before landing!


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