The nineties are in the midst of one of the biggest comebacks the fashion world has ever seen, even though it doesn’t seem like they were even gone long enough to warrant a comeback (or it that just me?). It might seem like everything nineties had suddenly found its way back into the here and now but there are a few trends that we Semple girls can remember that haven’t made the cut this time around.

Cycling Shorts

The current obsession with the nineties revival and the sports luxe trend would have given these stretchy little fellows the perfect opportunity to sneak back into the fashion conscious. Thankfully these have stayed well and truly in the past. These unforgiving shorts are friend to no-one. Wear only if you plan to get on a bike within the next five seconds. Even then you should think twice unless you are worthy of the Tour de France.

Cross-Body Rucksacks

The trend came out of nowhere but suddenly if you didn’t have a rucksack attached to you secured by a sturdy strap of fabric and Velcro then you just weren’t cool. This was the perfect accompaniment to the combats and urban look favoured by, girl band of the time, All Saints. Rucksacks made their comeback but we are yet to see the one-strap variety.

Slouch Socks

Not leg warmers and not knee-high socks but a hybrid of the two. Mostly favoured by nineties schoolgirls but the trend did spill over into the outside world. Not content with selling knee-high socks and letting you “slouch” them yourself the high street produced socks especially for slouching for their eager consumers.  Showing how fashion likes to go from one extreme to the other this trend was quickly replaced by trainer socks.


This innocent looking circular, stretchy hair accessory has been the subject of much fashion debate; awesome accessorizing or fashion faux pa? This once forgotten nineties trend is one that the high street is trying desperately to revive.  Topshop have pages of scrunchies on their website and they have even been spotted on a blogger or too. Will scrunchies be the next welcome nineties revival or should we relegate them to the fashion archives?  Only time will tell…

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Fashion blogger Samantha has been contributing to the Semple blog for over two years now and loves coming up with fresh ideas for her weekly posts. Samantha is an fblogger through and through and enjoys nothing more than writing about fashion, giving her the perfect excuse for extensive ‘research’ through a little retail therapy. When Samantha is not at her day job or writing for Semple she’ll most likely be found binging on Netflix, eating peanut butter or shoe shopping….sometimes all at the same time – multitasker!

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