Since the trend for embellishment by way of studs, spikes, diamantes, rhinestones, has become a cyclic trend that comes around at least once a year, the market for truly original designs has grown. Everyone wants to get in on the trend, but with it being so popular, more and more people want to avoid the dreaded moment when you walk into a room showing off your favourite new piece, only to find someone else is already there wearing the very same item! Many people fancy the idea of customising their clothes, shoes or accessories themselves, but just don’t know where to begin, but now they needn’t worry.

There are now hundreds of women working from home offering bespoke accessory customisation, using social media to its maximum potential to draw in so much business, that many have had to temporarily stop adding people to their waiting lists. The most popular items being requested appear to be high top trainers, usually Converse and Nike, encrusted with sparkling rhinestones and laces replaced with ribbons. Each piece is created individually, with the customer requesting colours and patterns and either selecting their base item from a set catalogue, or sending their own for a makeover. This is obviously a fantastic way to create a unique item of fashion that would be perfect to hand down through the generations, picking up some MSL-worthy stories along the way.

However, if you can’t get yourself on a waiting list for a bespoke bag or a pair of sparkly sneakers, there is no longer anything stopping you from getting creative yourself, with River Island and New Look being among the big brands cashing in on the trend by stocking easy to use customisation kits. You can find sole shaped sheets of stick on gems that are simple to cut to fit, strips of stick on studs and detachable buckles and bows for shoes, but of course you could go one step further and do everything by hand yourself if you have the time and patience.

You don’t even have to be a fantastic designer to get customising; you could always take those designer pumps you’ve been pining for and create your own homage with the added bonus of a fractional price tag. Just pick up a basic pair of pumps, a glue gun and head to your nearest haberdasher who will be able to help you select the right bits to create your own fashion masterpiece. There are also lots of blogs that champion to art of customisation with video and photo tutorials and helpful hints and tips to get you started. So whilst there are plenty of home-based businesses that will create your bespoke piece for a fairly small fee, what’s stopping you from letting your creative side out and giving DIY a try? Chop the sleeves and neckline hem off a tee to create a new slouchy style or add some studs to a pair of denim shorts as a start; the possibilities are endless.

By Louise Hayward

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